As I was doing some major spring cleaning the other day, I was looking at my gear and wondering, “just how prepared am I?”  At some point in the day, I traveled into the bathroom, happen to glance in the mirror at an often neglected body, and wondered “just how prepared am I?”.  A few days later, I dealt with a rather stressful situation with another human being, thought back on my response to that stress, and thought “just how prepared am I?”   “How can I keep ending sentences with a preposition?”

This is All Things Survival, right?  How prepared are you to survive many different situations?  Pondering the importance of your gear, your body, your mind, and your spirit (definitely not in order of importance) might dig up some questions that you haven’t answered about yourself.  This is an exercise intended to improve oneself, not depress oneself.  I invite you to try to answer those questions.  I’ve listed a few below.  No, I don’t want your answers, but please, add to the questions in the “comments” section below and let us know your thoughts.

  • “Am I physically fit enough to run a distance for help, self rescue by walking myself out of a situation, or help a family member or other human being?”
  • “Do I know how I react to stressful situations?”  “If not, how do I figure that out?”  “If so, how do I adapt my response in order to function when stressed?”
  • “Is my gear, and, more importantly, are my surroundings organized enough to help me when needed?”
  • “Do I surround myself with people who’s presence has a healthful effect on my life, both mentally and physically?”
  • “Do I have a spiritual relationship with God (insert your deity or dogma here, you damned pagan), that will help me survive life’s challenges?”
  • “How do I use my strengths and improve upon my weaknesses?”

Go ahead…What do you think?

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NRA Certified Instructor Tim Hallinan there! I’m Andy. I grew up in Massachusetts – one of the states that hates firearms the most. Growing up, I was never allowed to own even a squirt gun, a BB gun, go hunting, or be around anyone with guns. Today, both my mother and father have a concealed weapon permit. What a change! I moved from Massachusetts to Florida when I was 18 years old and was introduced to a life of firearms. Guns were completely foreign to me, but I started visiting ranges and practicing marksmanship. As soon as I hit 21 I received my concealed carry permit from a local gun shop here in Inverness, FL and I’ve always had a knack for training others. “Today, my mission is simple – to help arm the community to make sure that criminals and kooks are not the only ones with guns.”


  1. In my later years of life, (I’m only 50) I have run into severe pain in my low back caused by some birth defects. At times walking a block can be very painful. This makes you very mindful of how much more prepared I need to be than a person who can put in a 20 mile day for survival. Knowing your “limitations” is important to being properly prepared. This post is a good reminder for people.

  2. Living in the midwest we have always had bad thunderstorms but in the last couple of years the # of tornado watches and actual touchdowns in our area has been on the increase. I have started to keep a sturdy pair of tennis shoes handy and always throw them on whenever the weather turns nasty (in addition to other preparations). I can’t imagine walking barefoot or in house shoes around rubble, assuming I get through the storm.


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