While researching emergency food supply stuff on the Internet I came across a couple of fantastic articles that describe some common mistakes that people tend to make when putting together their first stash of food. Here are some of the things I came across.

Stocking unusual food

A common mistake I discovered was that there is a tendency for people to stock food they don’t normally eat. In a survival situation it’s not a good idea to try out things for the first time. This means you should stick to stocking up food that you’re comfortable with and your family regularly eats. Alternatively if you do want to try some different types of food test it out when you go camping or on a hike to see if it’s something that you’re comfortable.

Not following FIFO

First in first out or FIFO is a fancy way of saying that you should rotate all your survival food. This means keeping accurate records of when food was purchased and what the suggested used by dates are. If you store food and never actually eat it all you’re doing is just wasting money. Keep records and rotate frequently.

Central location

Another thing I discovered which makes complete sense is not to store all your food in the one place. If your house gets flooded and all of your food is in the one area it’s highly likely that you will lose everything in one go. A good strategy is to distribute packages around your property so everything is not condensed in one group.


If you have raw product and materials as well as a few gadgets do you know how to use everything? I discovered on some survival websites that many people have stored raw ingredients however may not understand how to make the best use of these materials. Do you know how your emergency cooker? Do you know how to make basic foods like bread? Most likely there is someone in your family who is the designated “cook” it might be time to take some lessons and discover how to help yourself and others.

Building your collection

There is an incredible temptation to build a huge collection of survival food in the shortest possible time. This creates a number of problems. first of all you will discover this becomes quite expensive next you’ll need a spot to store all of your staff and you will have two then replace everything all over again a good strategy is to incrementally by foods over at period of time.

There are some of the common mistakes often made when putting together your emergency food supply, now you know what to avoid.

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