Hunting and activities such as paintball and airsoft often have individuals dress up in camouflage. In order to be successful in hunting and on the field, participants need to have a sense of stealth, and be able to blend into their environment. Hunters understand that you wear camouflage to break down the human silhouette so you go unnoticed. Unfortunately, while many focus all their time on this, they forget about concealing their weapons – which is often the first thing an opponent or your prey notices. When out on the field or in the woods, do not forget to conceal every part of your body and equipment.

Hunters and outdoor enthusiasts often opt to use ghillie suits to conceal themselves, and are an excellent tool for camouflage. Yet they are stunned when they are constantly caught. What tips off their presence is usually the fact that their rifle was not camouflaged.

If you did not know already, most animals are color blind. Instead, they utilize their smell and eyesight senses to avoid their predators and ultimately their death. Hunters know this, which why seasoned individuals know they need to mask their smell, but that’s where most people’s efforts stop. Despite the fact that most animals are color blind, they can still see patterns and shapes. Before I said you need ghillie suits so you can break down your silhouette, otherwise animals can tell the difference between natural free-forming shapes like bushes and trees versus rigid lines that define the human body. While ghillie suits will allow a hunter to blend into their environment where animals will only see a continuation of natural shapes, animals will notice a rifle sticking out and be startled. An uncamouflaged rifle will bring attention to you and will result in the animal fleeing. A rifle rag, or rifle wrap allows you to avoid this.

Covering your rifle with camo, will allow you to fit in with your environment.  There are various ways to conceal your rifle. Many companies manufacture different types of Rifle Camo such as Rifle Wraps, Rifle Rag Kits, and you can even purchase a Paintball Tank & Loader Ghillie Cover for paintball enthusiasts. Rifle camo come in various patterns that include woodland, mossy oak, desert, and leafy green – to best accompany your ghillie suit. You can also buy rifle camo that is lighter, ones that are made with synthetic materials, like’s Rifle Wrap Synthetic Thread.


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NRA Certified Instructor Tim Hallinan there! I’m Andy. I grew up in Massachusetts – one of the states that hates firearms the most. Growing up, I was never allowed to own even a squirt gun, a BB gun, go hunting, or be around anyone with guns. Today, both my mother and father have a concealed weapon permit. What a change! I moved from Massachusetts to Florida when I was 18 years old and was introduced to a life of firearms. Guns were completely foreign to me, but I started visiting ranges and practicing marksmanship. As soon as I hit 21 I received my concealed carry permit from a local gun shop here in Inverness, FL and I’ve always had a knack for training others. “Today, my mission is simple – to help arm the community to make sure that criminals and kooks are not the only ones with guns.”


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