A shelter or a home is a place where a person feels secured and protected, but what if something unexpected happens like a sudden disaster that ruins your entire home?

Top priority

In a survival situation your top priority is to look for a shelter as soon as possible. Some things that you should take into consideration when choosing a shelter is that it should protect you from the problems that can arise in your environment, it should have good ventilation and where possible provide you with some creature comforts.

Different situations call for different types of shelters

Survival Shelters for complete disasters or emergencies

Natural SheltersIf you’re suddenly left with nothing, lost outdoors or caught up in a major disaster, the most common forms of shelter available to you are natural shelters. In the wilderness this might be:

  • Caves
  • Clumps of bushes and natural huge crevices
  • Large rocks leeward on hill sides
  • Small depressions
  • Protruding massive tree roots, and fallen trees with thick branches or low hanging limbs are also viable options

In choosing a natural shelter, make sure that it is uninhabited you don’t want any nasty midnight visits.

Debris shelterDebris shelters are often the best choice if you have little or no resources but have access to random materials (think earthquake or tornado). Look for any materials you can find such as tree branches, poles, bricks, wood, anything. You just have to be resourceful and capable of knocking up something to keep the elements out.

Fortified structures

Underground – These types of survival shelter are designed to protect people from

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