Fact: Right now, some fourteen months after the initial accident, used fuel rods filled with radioactive caesium sit on top of a heavily cracked and damaged building barely covered.

Fragile Radioactive Mess

The reactor building number 4 is a fragile tangled mess of radioactive material and metal that could, at any time crumble to the ground. If it does, the already dodgy cracked concrete pool keeping the fuel rods will expose the rods potentially creating a run away meltdown.

This will change the world. 

You might currently be thinking, “Oh that Fukushima thing was last year”, sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the disaster may not have even started yet.

Under Control?

Due the fragile situation of the reactor and recent bulging of the structure Japanese government sent the Environment and Nuclear Minister to the plant. The minister(1), Goshi Hosono, added that although the government accepted TEPCO’s assurances that reinforcement work had shored up the building, it had ordered further studies because of the bulge.

A what? A bulge, in a reactor, I’m no nuclear engineer, but that’s clearly not good

If there ever existed a serious global changing threat, you’re looking at it happening right now. The fuel rods are in a pool that is sitting on top of a very damaged building. Should any sizeable earthquake occur in the region, it will be Chernobyl x 10.

Did you know that the situation is so serious, that the Japanese government has considered and has put into place evacuation plans for the whole of Tokyo – some 40 million people.

What insiders are saying

An actual Fukushima worker “Happy11311″ (2) admits if another major aftershock hits Fukushima, they can’t even get close to the reactors and the risk is not only SFP4, it would be all the reactors. Oh, so not that bad then……

Then there is this comment from Hiroaki Koide. Dr. Koide of Kyoto University (3) stated:

“The No. 4 reactor is visibly damaged and in a fragile state, down to the floor that holds the spent fuel pool,” said Hiroaki Koide, an assistant professor at Kyoto University’s research reactor institute and one of the experts raising concerns. ”Any radioactive release could be huge and go directly into the environment.”

There is a strong chance of a earthquake near Fukushima

Of course, as luck would have it Fukushima is at extreme risk of another magnitude 9 earthquake.

“There are a few active faults in the nuclear power plant area, and our results show the existence of similar structural anomalies under both the Iwaki and the Fukushima Daiichi areas. Given that a large earthquake occurred in Iwaki not long ago, we think it is possible for a similarly strong earthquake to happen in Fukushima,” says team-leader Dapeng Zhao, geophysics professor at Japan’s Tohoku University. (4)

Know the truth – start with your own research

There is a lot of mixed reports coming out of the region. Some are saying it’s safe others are reporting it’s a total disaster zone. The only way to really understand just how diabolical this is, is to conduct a little bit of your own research.

You can start by simply googling: “earthquake risk at Fukushima”, if you’re after some insider information check out, finally if you want some further underground news that’s uncensored checkout

How To Survive

It’s not too late to start preparing now!

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